What are the Risks of Trying to Replace Your Roof? [Ellsworth Illinois]

In an effort to save costs, many homeowners may try to do roofing tasks on their own. This can be dangerous. Even if you are an experienced rock climber or skydiver it is still a different experience to navigate a roof. Therefore, the ordinary homeowner does not spend any time on their roof. This is a reminder that being on a roof can bring with it a level of risk that is often ignored. Wind gusts can come out of nowhere and if you're carrying an OSB Panel or something similar, you could end up on your knees and in severe discomfort.

The Many Reasons Why You Should Never Attempt to Roof Your Own Home

Not only are there obvious risks involved in roofing, but there are also technical aspects to roofing that should be left up to the professionals. To give you an example, did you know that the typical weight of an asphalt shingle is from 100 to 150 pounds? Although this may seem small, it is significant when you consider that most roofs have at minimum three layers of roofing shingles. This is not to mention the fact these shingles need to be properly positioned and secured with nails. Even one error can cause severe damage to your roof and result in a loss of revenue.

You should also consider the type of roof that you have. People are increasingly choosing metal roofs because they last a long time and are fireproof. But, proper installation requires specialized training. Tile roofs are also very common in many parts of the country. Although tile roofs look amazing, they can be fragile and hard to install correctly without a steady hand. A single wrong move can result in a cracked or broken tile or worse, a complete roof collapse.

We hope that our (blog) suggestions will be helpful to you next time you are thinking of doing a roofing project on your own. It (blog post) is simply not worth putting your life at risk or putting your house at danger. The experts have the experience, education, and knowledge to complete the job correctly the first time.

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